Being Poor Is More Than Money

Poverty of the soul can keep you in poverty all your life. Change you, change your life.


Poverty comes in two forms, the poverty of the pocketbook and the poverty of the soul. Often the poverty of the soul drives the poverty of the pocketbook.  Napoleon Hill would have describe the poverty of the soul as not having a positive mental attitude.  It is more than that however.   It is a life view that prevents escape from a life of misery.  A starting point:


Each person defines their own life, misery, happiness, joy, success and failure.  It may be simply too little income or too few resources with which to live a comfortable life.  It may be too much drama constantly derailing personal progress.  It may be the weight of a culture that is steeped in crime and desperation.

This blog is dedicated to helping you change your circumstance.  Most of the resources here help change outward circumstance.  Matching that outward circumstance to your inner circumstance is the challenge.  That is what will make the change stick, make the change on that is fulfilling, both financially and personally.

It starts with education, traditional, life experience, non-traditional.  The following are resources that may help you find what you have a passion for.  If you know what your passion is you are well on your way to a changed life.

Khan Academy – a vast set of learning resources.   What topics excite you?  Do you need help with school topics?  Its always FREE.

The Muse – Its not always about career paths, but this article and site may provide some insight

GetRichSlowly — A pretty complete blog dealing with personal finances.  Helping build a foundation.