There are basically 5 types of education and a big fat myth.

IT IS A MYTH. The myth is that traditional college is the best approach to education for everyone and that without this the individual is doomed to failure, poverty, and economic malaise.  IT IS A MYTH. The only required education for success is literacy and basic math skills.  With that, all the other doors can open. If you can’t read,write and do basic math, you are crippled in a world where learning a job requires that as a minimum.

Which approach is right for you?  Even if you are struggling and have a personal circumstance that makes pursuing your dreams seem impossible, it is not.   I will add ideas as to how to escape over the coming weeks, as to how to break out of your circumstance.

These stories are about people that made it big. They also followed a passion.  That is the other key.

Below are the types of education.  The key for each individual is to find the fit for his/her personality and to follow that through.

Traditional College:  This generally leads to ‘professional’ positions such as teachers, engineers, technical sales,  nurses, doctors, office managers, lawyers and business analysts.  The link provides a list of state schools.  

Career Colleges:  These schools generally offer a set of skills that have been packaged for the job market.  These skills range from medical technicians, certified IT skills, general office skills, licensing for LPNs, cosmetologists, massage therapists or even basic HVAC or construction skills. These schools provide a wide range of instruction but are characterized by a set time to attain a specific job related skill set. This is a list of mostly career colleges but includes some traditional colleges as well.

Trades Education:  Someone that starts as a helper in a trade can participate in a combination of classes and work that lead to advanced skills and licensing.  These trades include, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, boilermakers, welders and a host of additional possibilities.  For people who like to build, fix and create things these offer rewarding possibilities.

On The Job:  For a high school graduate that starts as a cook or service employee, or as inside sales in a store, as they learn more about the industry they are involved in, they became leads, managers and owners in that same industry.  Knowledge and experience result in paid success.  Even if they start at minimum wage.   Real education, even for those with higher degrees starts in this school it takes each individual from newbie to competent.

School of Stupid:  For those that go down a path that does not fit their skills and temperament they learn what not to pursue.  This school is the most valuable of all schools and everyone participates at one time or another.